FAQ – Klassik Radio App – english

Q-1. I can not work with the App – no reaction if I push buttons or use gestures?
The reason is, that the backgroundplayer sometimes can’t work together with special other apps on some phones. It chrashes.
If nothing other helps, please switch off your Windows Phone and restart. After that it will work fine.

Q-2. Why is the playlist empty, but the player is anyway playing?
Especially in the night, they havn’t a playlist on the Klassik Radio channels Opera, Movie and Lounge.

Q-3. Why is the playlist empty and after a while it begins again?
At the beginning of each new hour, the play list of the current hour is empty. I will fix it in the next update and will show the playlist of the last hour if the current is empty. If you tap on the time button (up) then you can change the time one or more hours back.

Q-4. What is the plan for the next update?
Fix the failor if possible (see Q-1)
Changing the timerange for the playlist (see Q-3)
Integration in the Music Hub (Zune App)

Please write me, if you have questions, whishes or suggestions befor you review the App.
Maybe I can make the app bette with your help.

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